The Last Discussion Questions

  1. Why would Nastya let Kevin touch her? We know why she stopped him, but why would you let him to start with?

I have no idea. Like, what was she thinking? I get that when you have a hard break up, you go out and do something stupid. But really? She just gave herself to Josh, and now she’s going to give herself to some drunk jerk at a party? I get her point about being ‘ruined,’ but that’s too far. 

2. “For a minute, or maybe just a second, Drew is frozen. There are so many emotions on his face that I can’t sort them all now. Confusion, disgust, anger, guilt, fear, horror. I wonder how bad my face is to make his look like that” (354). What do you think was going through Drew’s mind? How does it make him feel?

I think there’s a scene in every book where the reader is on the edge of their chair, waiting for the next thing to happen. How did Drew get the door open though? Nastya said the door was locked and that she couldn’t get it open because her hand was shaking, so how did Drew get in? Anyway, her assumption of his emotion based on his facial expressions is intricate. I know that when something happens to be, I go blank. I don’t have time to think about every little emotion. I think that Drew was in shock. He might have later felt all those emotions, but in the moment it was just white-fuzz and “what the heck is going on?”

3. Nastya gives small bits of remorse like “I’d trade my hand all over again to take back everything I did and hear him call me Sunshine” (376). If she misses him, and is willing to take everything back, why doesn’t she try to?

Josh feels bad about sleeping with Leigh after what happened to Nastya. However, they both went out and did something stupid. Maybe Nastya didn’t go to the party with the intent of being stupid, but it still happened. If she would just get over her feelings of not being good enough, or at least just open up to Josh, she wouldn’t be so alone. He wants her, she wants him . . . and we all know it. Why can’t they just listen to each other? Why can’t she just calmly explain why she did what she did?

4. How do you feel about Nastya’s confrontation with her killer? Were his actions justified in any way? Is there any way to forgive that? Did he do the right thing by turning himself in?

I was surprised, and on the edge of my chair (literally.) It was such a page-turning moment. I can understand his actions, but they seem so horrible that I can’t. I love my sister, but if she killed herself, I wouldn’t turn it over onto someone else. But then again, if she killed herself because of another person, because they hurt her . . . heck yes I would lose it a little and WANT to kill them, but I PROBABLY wouldn’t. Especially because in this case, Nastya had nothing to do with Aidan’s brother. I don’t think it’s forgivable, though its easier to think about forgiveness when it isn’t from your own life. I was surprised he turned himself in. But content.

5. How do you feel about the ending?

I think it was everything that needed to happen. By the end of the book, my emotions were entangled with every drip of ink. Before picking up the book this evening, I was happy (because I got out of class early), and within a few pages, I was in the same dark hell that they were. By the last page, I was relieved and had submitted to the final pages. 

Thank you for picking this book, Alex ❤



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