Discussion Post ch. 37-45

Woah, what an emotional section. Here are the questions- lay your emotions out there.

1. I wish I could post the whole quote, but refer to page 296 when we learn what happened to Nastya.

What were your thoughts as she re-experienced this moment? When he calls her a “russian whore,” what connections can be made to what she re-named herself?

This was intense and it was so raw. My heart just shattered for Nastya. What person could be that horrible to any person? I was almost crying. Poor Nastya. The whole “russian whore” made me wonder what was truly wrong with this guy. I feel she re-named herself something Russian because it’s her way of never forgetting.


“I hate that expression. . .I’d still rather say fuck than make love.” (300)

What does this moment reveal about Nastya? The way she rejects the word that involves two people being in love for the word that just means the sexual action?

This shows-to me- that Nastya is really scared of being that in love with someone. Her soul just aches for the love, but her past keeps her hiding behind a mask of sexual intent with a broken smile. She needs someone to come help her see the light in love or friendship. 

3. Refer to page 305.

Drew and Tierney. (How do you think they pronounce that name?) Tell me your thoughts on how Drew acted with Tierney. Do you think he still cares that he messed it up? Do you think his a-hole appearance is purely for show or his true personality?

I think he truly cared for Tierney. I can’t imagine he didn’t. I had an ex who did the a-hole appearance and eventually you learn it isn’t just an appearance. They care, sure, they care for you, but the attention- the thrill wins them over every time. He is a jerk to women, I refuse to believe other wise. But I will admit, he cares about some and I think he’d just might take a bullet for a couple.

4. Refer to pages 318-319.

Nastya talks about how she’d rather keep silent than lie. What do you think? Do you think that lying would be better or is the heart-breaking silence her family (and everyone else) endures is better? Why?

I think the silence has it’s pros and cons. Lying is never good, because it puts in people’s heads a reality that is all fake. But the silence kills her family emotionally. I’m at a loss.

5. Refer to page 331-332

They had sex. Wow. How do you think this will emotionally effect Nastya? How about the fact that Nastya was a secret virgin and Josh just took it from her without knowing? Do you think this will affect their whole relationship?

OMG THIS WILL JUST RUIN EVERYTHING!!!!! I can’t imagine this ending well for anyone. Nastya will get scared and feel love and leave. And Josh not knowingly taking her virginity can’t end well. This moment, this moment of pure love and intimacy makes me want to cry. Emma- you may say it was perfect and beautiful, but those last few lines lead me to believe this is going to emotionally mess up Nastya.

Have fun answering those. See you next time. -Alex


One thought on “Discussion Post ch. 37-45

  1. 1. It was scary. It was interesting to see her re-live it and cough it all up for us. I was unsure of how old the guy was, because previously I was picturing an older guy, but this one sounded younger. I was also unsure of location. But her reenactment of pain was indepth. “Russian whore” is a pretty specific name to call someone! I think that guy ruined her hand and took a part of her life. In renaming herself, I think she used a Russian name because maybe wants to hold onto that memory and make herself stronger.
    2. I think she’s uncomfortable with intimacy, and the phrase ‘make love’ doesn’t appeal to her. Neither of her parents seem like the kind of people that set a great example of a romantic and loving marriage, so I don’t think they used the term ‘make love’ ever. I’ve had this conversation almost word for word with people, and I completely understand. ‘Make love’ is something related to people who are comfortable with not only sex, but relating it love, and then talking about it.
    3. In my head, I pronounce it like tear(crying, not breaking)nay. I was kind of surprised by their history. At the time, I was expecting more. I was expecting an elaborate relationship of compassion and affection. Not that it wasn’t, but I didn’t feel it. I think he feels bad, and that’s why he uses Nastya to cover for him, so he won’t have to do anymore girls. I think he’s not a total a-hole. He has his moments, but he’s trying to focus on other things. He’s grown less a-holey as the story continues.
    4. I think that lying takes a toll on a person. Silence can be painful, but lies hurt more. I think that if something so horrendous had happened to me and I decided not to speak, that it would hurt my family, but it would hurt more to lie to them. But she also doesn’t have to talk about her experiences. However, less people would wonder what her story was, and want her to talk about it, if she talked.
    5. I’m sure this will affect her emotionally because she’s denying her feelings, but I hope that this was a step in the direction of them being official. But it’s not like he took her virginity, I think she kind of took it herself. Because he stopped and she charged on. I totally see how those are going to mess her up!! Because who wouldn’t be messed up by this? But it was her choice, so I hope she’s not going to make things hell for Josh.


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