Chapters 37- 45 Connection

I have a personal connection this week 🙂

“He drove us two hours away for dinner, to a place where no one would know us, so that we could have a conversation. I want to laugh and cry and hug the living crap out of him” (290).

“‘Its the make love part that’s repulsive. I hate that expression. I could be sixty years old and I’d still rather say fuck than make love. Ichth.'” (300).

“‘I would chop that table up and use it for firewood before I would ever choose anything over you'” (313).

The boots ❤

My connection this week is to my best friend. Like Josh, I’m not one for the bf/gf labels, so we’ll go with best friend. However, over the course of reading this book, I am constantly seeing similarities between the book and my life. Josh is a sweet, kind and caring guy. He’s perfect, even with all his baggage. 

Last weekend I spent a lot of time with my bestie, Isaiah. To prove his dedication, he played House with my cousins and I. House. Like, pretending to be other genders and species, and the kind of fun we had as a kid. At sixteen years old, we spent the day playing House. Not that I think Josh would do that for Nastya, but I think what he does for her is similar. He made her a chair, he drove out of the way for a date, he bought her boots and he’s amazing to her. It’s the little things that count ❤



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