Chapters 28-36 Discussion Questions

We’ve gotten to know Nastya and her limits more during these chapters šŸ™‚ Enjoy

1. Why do you think Nastya talked to Drew? Why not keep it between her and Josh?

Nastya confirmed that she had intended to speak to Josh. I think she decided that she was finally connecting with people that she could trust. Josh was a great person, but Nastya sees Drew as an ally as well. I think she could sense that Drew had good intentions, and was someone who kept us his superficial reputation. I think she could see that he wasn’t who he pretended to be, and she wanted him to see she wasn’t either. But I’m not certain, that’s why I asked.

2. What would you have done when Josh cut his hand? When she took her shirt off, did you expect him to “get like that?” What would you have done?

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what goes through a guys head or how their “dick” works, so I can’t check Josh’s accuracy. I think Nastya giving up her shirt for his hand was completely appropriate, even though she denies a great amount of blood. However, I think she could have kept her awareness to Josh’s boner to a minimum. It’s not like he could help it. Cut the guy some slack. Although since he’s losing “so much blood,” it’s surprising he still has enough for “that.”

3. Do you think Josh knew Kara Mathews worked at the ice cream parlor? Did he bring Nastya there to make a point to everyone?

According to Nastya, the ice cream parlor was unfindable unless you knew where it was. Obviously, Josh knew. I think he knew about Kara and wanted to break the seal on their secret relationship. Not that he wanted everyone to know how he felt or what they did, but I think he wanted someone to know. Otherwise, why not get her a carton you know she likes? The gesture of choosing every flavor WAS adorable šŸ™‚

4. Do you think Nastya’s real name is Milly? Why would her Mom ambush her like that, with the phone? Did she really expect that to go well? Is it justified to turn her birthday into an intervention? Why do you think her brother went to Josh’s alone?

NOT COOL, NASTYA’S MOM! Well, when we first suspected Nastya’s name could be something else, it was because her dad said “Mi-” but now Margot and Asher have called her “Em.” I can’t believe that they ambushed her on her birthday. I mean, we know that her and her mother are not on the same frequency, but this was just low. Yet, every family member supported the intervention. Did they really expect it to work? When Asher showed up at Josh’s house, it had been hours since she left. It might have been funnier if Nastya’s mother came instead.

-Emma šŸ™‚


One thought on “Chapters 28-36 Discussion Questions

  1. 1. I think Nastya’s discussion with Drew came out of pure anger. I know Josh said she plans everything, but I think that wasn’t planned. Sunshine is special for her and Josh, and hearing Drew say it probably pissed her off.

    2. Okay- okay. Time for a little human body lesson that I learned from guy friends. The penis has a mind of its own. Throughout puberty and even into adulthood they get “like that” and have no control. They can be watching paint dry and “get like that.” And I doubt he lost too much blood for down there to function. (;
    I think Nastya acted on pure instinct and with nothing clean around to wrap Josh up with, well her shirt was her only option. She could’ve probably run inside, get towels, etc, etc, but what fun is that?

    3. I think Josh brought Nasya to the ice cream parlor to be a good friend. I don’t believe he knew that girl worked there or was trying to make a point. There are so many rumors going around about Josh, Drew, and Nastya- what point would he be making if he took her out? I think he was just caring for her and making her happy which makes me smile.

    4. You had to expect something coming when the whole family showed up. I mean- they had to take a plane. The intervention and the phone were a little much for a first greeting after a while of not speaking. The phone- I think- was her mother’s way of trying to reconnect with her daughter. I think how she tried to reconnect was a horrible idea- but I also feel sorta bad she completely lost her daughter. I mean, her daughter doesn’t even go by her own name. That’s kind of depressing.

    Good questions Emma!


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