Chapters 19-27 Passages 1

“He leans over me and places his hands on top of mine on the armrests and looks straight into my eyes, which flays me a little bit. ‘It’s a chair. Stop overanalyzing it. I’m not selling it and I’m not giving it to someone else. I made it for you. It’s yours.’  . . . ‘Besides, it already has your name on it.’” (165)

:O Okay, I wrote down five quotes to use from this chapter but this one took the cake. I was not expecting that. They went from casual friends, to her saying he’s her “by-all and end-all friend”, to him making her a chair. This was really great!

“I’ve never told him anything real. Even my name” (171).

I KNEW IT!!!!!!! Oh, now she has my attention. AND she Margot later calls her “Em.” I feel honored!



One thought on “Chapters 19-27 Passages 1

  1. I like your quotes Emma!

    Okay, so about that chair… I love it. I love Josh’s whole intention behind it too. She is there all the time anyway, she may as well have a spot. It’s where she belongs. It’s like he gave her a place in the world to be, a place she feels safe and at home and I wish someone made me a chair.

    The whole name thing, I just want to know the full name. I understand why she changed it- obviously something tragic happened (involving her left hand), and her whole life turned upside down, but what is so bad she had to change her idenitity?


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