Chapters 19-27 Connection

“He tears apart faces and puts them back together whole, like I would a piece of music. I could play it a hundred ways, imbue it with a different emotion every time and try to find the truth of it. He does that with faces, except he’s not putting the truth in, he’s drawing it out. He’s looking for the truth of me. I wonder if he’ll find it, and if he does, maybe he can show me where it is again” (161).

While I was reading this, I felt proud of Nastya. I felt proud that she was opening herself up and letting someone see her in a new light, and without makeup. This last paragraph in chapter 20 reminded me of a time when everything inspired me to create. I could walk down the street, see a sign and have a story idea. The most common platitude for me was: I have a story idea. When I write, I start out with an idea which later transforms into something else. Reading this reminded me of how many facets a story, and character can have. Just like Clay draws faces and Nastya created music, an author creates a character. 

I also found a connection in the last lines. “He’s looking for the truth in me . . . maybe he can show me where it is again.” Not to be mushy, but I know what it’s like to feel like you’ve lost yourself. Being in Middle College has definitely changed me. I don’t want to say that I’ve lost who I am, as much as shed some of my old self, which is change in itself. Nastya has gone through a lot, and I find it intriguing that she looks for her truth in Clay. 

“Josh spent the last commercial break patiently filling me in on as much of the past decade’s worth of story lines as he could in three and a half minutes while I ate as many Twizzlers as I could” (168).

This explained my entire summer. My Mom and I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy a lot, and we’d jump around through seasons, I ended up explaining foreshadowing from other episodes, and who met who first and how. It was great!!! I loved explaining the characters to her, and what secrets are coming next. Moms know everything, and finally, I was teaching her!

Do you connect to anything in these passages?

-Em 🙂


One thought on “Chapters 19-27 Connection

  1. Love it Emma!

    I connect to the first one on a premise of I had a friend who’s life got completely turned upside down. He lost who he was and he was always trying to be someone, and that someone never was exactly the same. It reminds me of all the faces, all the different “someones” in Nastya. She’s looking for her exact someone and sometimes when your life is a complete mess, it can be hard to dig around for someone you don’t know.



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