Chapters 10-18 Passage 1

“Before he opens the door, he hands me back the tiramisu and then reaches up and frames my face with his hands, gently running his thumbs across the skin below both of my eyes. I think my mouth might be hanging open because I have no idea what the hell he’s doing. ‘Black shit,’ he says, by way of explanation, and I realize that my eye makeup must be running. Then he opens the door for me without another word” (126).

We know they’re going to blossom into something more than whatever they are now. At this point, a relationship doesn’t seem plausible unless one of them just goes for it. Reading this the first time, I thought maybe this was going to be the scene. Even though it wasn’t, it was hilarious to read. I wonder what Josh was thinking when he did this, because it was gutsy! The credit he gives her dark side, she could have bit his finger off. She’s got to admit though, she liked it.

-Emma 🙂


2 thoughts on “Chapters 10-18 Passage 1

  1. I like your interpretation. (: I believe this moment was most uncomftorable for her it’s stated she’s already nervous for Drew’s dinner. So Josh adding this awkward intimate moment probably made her even more nervous because either it would end in something she didn’t want or in a way she didn’t know. I do love his “black shit” comment though. I want someone to wipe away my black shit.


  2. I think that’s what it reveals to the reader the most, the wanting. Even though Josh is kind of isolated and withdrawn, I’d still love to have someone care for me when I’m puking, and wipe away my “black shit.” It opens a longing 🙂



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