Chapter 10-18 Discussion Leader

Here are my questions.  Have fun 🙂 My commentary’s in blue 🙂

1. When Nastya woke up in Josh “Fucking” Bennett’s house, and after learning he cleaned up countless amounts of disgorge, she was pissed. Do you think she should have appeared more grateful? What would you have done?

Josh had every right to be upset about what happened, but him calling her “sunshine” wasn’t making it any better. Neither was her lack of gratitude. She did address that she should be more grateful, but she wasn’t going to let up her evil glares. The situation was Drew’s fault, not Josh’s, and Nastya didn’t have to drink the flamethrowers. Josh didn’t decide to spend his night cleaning up puke, so Nastya could have appreciated his efforts a bit more. If I were in that situation though, I would understand. I would be embarrassed and just try to get out, and then send cookies afterwards.

2. Drew expects Josh to be over the Nastya incident. “Drew is an ass and a whore but he’s not a complete douchebag” (73). In what ways is Drew similar to J.D. Salinger’s Stradlater?

Drew is seen in a Ken doll light. Every story has a Ken doll, the guy every girl wants and will do anything to get. Drew’s charismatic and gorgeous, with all the right lines and smiles. Stradlater is known as the ladies man of Pencey Prep, a guy who’s very “yearbook” chic. Stradlater feels remorse towards Holden’s anger and violence (because of Jane Gallagher), as Drew feels bad about leaving Nastya on Josh’s doorstep. 

3. “You lie” (78). What do you think her words symbolize? Why would she break the silence to say that? Was it even her?

It was just revealed that Josh was emancipated. Nastya’s been listening in from her new seat at a high table. The shop teacher, Mr. Turner, stops by the check on Josh, who says “everything’s good.” The words “you lie” are whispered from a direction where on Nastya could have uttered them. Her words must symbolize a knowing that something is wrong, even though she didn’t get a glimpse into his life until just now. Josh immediately rejects the idea that she said it, but he isn’t one to imagine voices. Knowing that Nastya ends up opening up to Josh, maybe this is the first sign of her compassion.

4. When Nastya comes to Josh’s garage, why do you think he didn’t say anything? Why do you think she came? The last interaction they had was in shop when she cleaned up the nails alone, and now she’s in his garage. What do you think her deciding factor was?

In the beginning I thought he was silent because he was surprised she came back. Nastya came of her own volition, but she just wandered around. In his eyes, her actions seemed very deliberate, but the last we heard from Nastya, she was fighting the urge of going back to the garage. It seems like she stayed awhile, until midnight, so that’s a long time to keep up the “I’m busy so I don’t see you” charade. Maybe he just wanted her to feel the same silence. I think her deciding factor was to not think. She’d been easing up around him, whispering in shop, the Sunday dinners, and her hand spazzing out in shop, maybe she just decided to let loose and see what happened.

5. “Why do you have so many saws?” (132) IT FINALLY HAPPENED! What ran through your head when you read this line? What did you think her first words were going to be? Do you think she’ll break her vow of silence when she’s with him? Why now?

I gasped. I had to reread it to make sure it was right. She actually said something! It wasn’t a whisper, it was a direct question to a person who could hear her. Then I thought . . . seriously? The first thing you say to him is about saws? I pictured her first words being at the end of the book in some cliche love scene and whispering “I love you,” or him dying and her crying out his name. She does talk to him more in the garage, but her questions aren’t the things she wonders about him in her head. In her POV, she seems kinder and inquisitive. In Josh’s POV, Nastya is dominant and emasculating. It changes her motives depending on who’s telling the story. I don’t know why now. Of all the times, seriously, why now??

6. Chapter 18 reveals more details of what happened to Nastya. How did our knowledge evolve over the chapters? What do you we not know, and what do we think we know? Also, is Nastya’s name not really Nastya? (“There’s nothing stopping you from going, Mil-” (146).)

In the beginning, all we knew was that her left hand was injured and that she wanted to kill “him” with it. As the story evolves, we learn she played the piano and she can’t anymore because of her hand. I thought she had been in some sort of accident and broke her hand. In Chapter 18, she mentions having to wear a shirt at the beach to cover her scars. Does that mean her scandalous clothing covers them? At this point, we don’t know who “he” is, or what he did. The situation keeps changing and at this point, it seems like he kidnapped her. But where did her vow of silence come from?

-Emma 🙂


2 thoughts on “Chapter 10-18 Discussion Leader

  1. 1. Nastya should have probably seemed a little grateful she wasn’t stranded, but I’d be pissed too. I mean Drew left her there, vulnerable and drunk. I’d honestly be terrified. I’m not even positive she knew she was consuming alochol.

    2. Drew is all about appearences. When in reality he breaks rules and cannot deal with the consequences. Deep down he seems to have a soul. For example when he really didn’t want to ditch Nastya and tried to apologize. Like when Stradlater really didn’t want to beat up Holden, but did it anyway.

    3. I think the words Josh heard resemble his insecurities of his own conscience. I don’t personally believe she said that, he was just hoping she had.

    4. I think she came because she has taken an interest; it may not be a love interest- but definitely an interest. She’s trying to build some sort of relationship in her fearful world with someone who doesn’t show an outspoken interest in her.

    5. She spoke truly what she was thinking. I smiled. It was coming, even Josh knew it was coming. I think she will break the vow but only for Josh. She probably did it become she has become comfortable around him.

    6. Referring to the beginning, I think someone hurt her and ruined her piano playing hands. The whole name thing confused me. I think though her scandalous clothing covers her torso which would cover scars she feels the need to cover at the beach.

    Good one Emma!


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