Ch. 10-18 Passage

Here are some passages that interested me. Enjoy

“There’s nothing sunny or shiny about me, but after last night, he’s earned the right to mock me this morning. So yes, I think, at least for a little while, Josh Bennett can call me whatever the hell he likes” (69).

I like this quote in particular because we haven’t seen this side of Nastya before. She is actually feeling some sort of genuine thanks towards someone. She is right, he earned the right to mock her. He could’ve told Drew to deal with her on his own and who knows where she would’ve ended up?

“‘I wouldn’t think she was your type.’ . . . Clay looks, he sees, and that’s the most disconcerting thing of all. ‘My dick doesn’t have to want her. Just my pencil.”‘ (81).

I love this quote one for the humor in Clay’s response to Josh and because we see someone admire Nastya in a new light. Clay purely admires her for what he believes is under the makeup mask she wears. I personally don’t think Josh likes this because it’s obvious although his feelings for Nastya are underdeveloped, they are there. Josh doesn’t want Clay admiring Nastya, he doesn’t want him searching for what she has hidden. I think it’s because Josh wants to find it first and be the only one to truly know Nastya.

Hope you enjoyed. See you next week, peace. πŸ™‚



One thought on “Ch. 10-18 Passage

  1. I wonder if he was disappointed with her acceptance of the pet name. After cleaning up after her bodily fluids and bra-throwing, he could have claimed a much harsher prize. Although, it is nice to see their agreement of anger. Both of them are pissed for obvious reasons, but not completely at each other. If Josh wants to take mockery as his thanks, then go ahead. At least he got cookies! It is nice to see Nastya thankful towards someone else. She recognizes that he didn’t have to endure that night, but he cared for her patiently (minus the vodka teaser).

    I was pleasantly surprised while reading this quote. Clay wasn’t painted in the best light, but he shows an interest in Nastya that is innocent. He doesn’t see her like Drew, he sees her as an art form. She’s a new challenge to capture on paper. Josh doesn’t like Nastya getting attention from someone else, because he’s seen what’s underneath the makeup. He’s seen her sweating, lost and vulnerable and he liked having someone who was as much of an outsider as he was. While at the moment, the two seem as likely a pair as Sarah and Kevin, it’s obvious there’s something about to happen!

    Great quotes, Alex πŸ™‚ Your view always gives a new light to things πŸ˜€


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