Ch.10-18 Connections

So for my connections I made connections to a certain quote. Enjoy.

“Kevin doesn’t seem to take the hint that Josh has nothing to say to him and keeps pushing. I’m kind of wishing Josh would give this kid the fuckuppance he so richly deserves. but I think that’s more my style than Josh Bennett’s.” (75).

My first connection to this is Ackley from Catcher in the Rye. Holden wants him to go away while he reads in his dorm and Ackley just doesn’t get the hint. He continues to question and just make himself at home. My second connection is a personal one.

The last part about giving the kid a “fuckuppance,” reminds me about this conversation I had with a friend who asks me for advice. Okay, my friend has aspergers and these kids in his Scout troop were picking on him and threatening death on his adorable kittens. One- completely messed up and if I knew them I’d go down there and make them wish they never said that. Two- I told my friend to beat them up. Now, I was not 100% completely serious, but part of me was. Who wishes death upon adorable animals?! But he said he would never do that- taking Josh’s style.

Hope you enjoyed my connection. Can’t wait to hear your response. Until next week- peace 🙂





One thought on “Ch.10-18 Connections

  1. I definitely see your Ackley connection!! 🙂 Reading this, there are a lot of connections between these characters and The Catcher in the Rye.
    I would like to see Nastya give Kevin the “fuckuppance” he deserves. Yes, he does deserve it, but she seems to be a lot like Holden in that she doesn’t act on her cynical thoughts against humanity. She also had equal opportunity, considering Mr. Turner moves her from the high table to sit with Kevin. She could have stabbed him with her heel . . . or you know, whisper to Josh and let him think he’s crazy. Either one.
    While Josh has valid reason, I think he’s just surprised anyone dared to talk to him!

    Great quote, Alex 🙂

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