Chapters 1-9 Passage

“It’s not the sound itself that bothers me; it’s just the fact that it’s loud. The loud sounds make it impossible to hear the soft ones, and the soft sounds are the ones you have to be afraid of” (4).

   My personal opinion on this quote by Nastya is that whatever happened to her and her left hand has completely affected how she lives everyday. Her fear of not being able to hear the soft sounds shows she is always looking, being cautious, that something could happen to her at any time.



2 thoughts on “Chapters 1-9 Passage

  1. I totally understand this quote. For me, it’s like being alone in a house. There are noises everywhere, and I turn the TV on to drown it out. But never too loud, because I don’t want to miss something I should have heard.
    I have a deadly fear of dolls . . . which move quietly . . . so I have to be listening.

    I agree, there is something going on with her. She hasn’t mentioned if she had function of her left hand, just that it’s messed up. This book has a lot of mystery to it. Her fear of something happening to her is pretty prominent. Even when she’s running, she has her keys and pepper spray with her in case.

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  2. You totally don’t want to come to my house then, my mom has dolls. I think people are afraid of pure silence. Like that quote Legg gave us forever ago about the empty vessel. I think Nastya being aware of every noise shows us something bad must have happened to her.


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