Chapter 1-9 Disscusion Leader

So, throughout these first nine chapters I have kind of gotten a general feeling for Nastya. Her personality intrigues me and so does Josh’s family dynamic.

Here are my three questions for this week. Enjoy. My personal commentary will be in purple.

1. The first passage, before Chapter One, how did that intrigue you? That last line, why do you think she wants to kill with her left? Do you have any clue what may have happened to her after reading the first section of the book?

I was intrigued because I’m curious what she used her left hand for. After reading and learning about her interest in the piano- I’m starting to think that’s what she used it for. I’m guessing she wants to kill with her left because it is a way to get revenge without proving whoever “he” is truly ruined her.

2. What do you think of Nastya leaving home to live with her Aunt? Is there more to the story about her move that you would like to know? Her relationship with her mother, what insight about Nastya does it give you?

I think Nastya is the type of girl who will do whatever she needs to be less miserable. Obviously she doesn’t have a good relationship with her mom, considering she didn’t even want to text her when she registered for school. I think the fact she left shows that there is something dark in her personally, and within her family she hasn’t come clean to the reader about yet.

3. What was your initial reaction when Nastya and Josh finally met- intertwining the story? Do you think Nastya should have spoken to him or at least said thank you? Or do you believe her keeping her pact to be silent was the best route to go?

I gasped. I was wondering when the two narrators when come together, and the way the author did it- I believe was flawless. The idea of Nastya being upset and running away only to run into the other main character was just a good way to bring them together. I think Nastya was smart to stay mute because she should not fully trust in someone she does not know personally. Throughout these chapters we’ve seen that she does not trust and she does not like people- so why should she have spoken?



2 thoughts on “Chapter 1-9 Disscusion Leader

  1. 1. Since it’s the first page, I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I was into it. I had no idea what was going on with her hand, or who the heck she was talking about. It really didn’t give me anything to work with, and even after the first 9 Chapters, I still don’t know what’s going on! What happened to her hand?!?! Does she want to kill Josh? Or Drew? UGH!

    2. Well considering we don’t know why she moved exactly, I’m not sure, but it must have been important for her aunt to take her in. Margot seems nice, but she didn’t sound equipped or used to having a teenager to look after, so this must not have been planned out awhile. Nastya mentioned that her mother was never fully pleased with her, and that Nastya thought leaving was the best thing to do. It implies that she thinks she’s damaged (again, some answers on the WHY would be nice!) and the best thing to do is leave and leave it at that. I feel bad for her Mom.

    3. I’m not sure why she’s quiet yet, so I don’t know whether she should have broken it or not. When Josh stood up for her, he mentioned that he knew Sarah was better than making fun of her, which implies he knows Sarah pretty well. It makes sense since he’s besties with Drew, but it was an interesting comment. I was surprised when he followed Nastya to tell her that it wouldn’t happen again. So basically, he defended her unnecessarily and then goes and tells her that it won’t happen again. Ummm, okay? As a very vocal person, it is very hard for me to read a book where the main character will not talk. I keep sitting here and thinking about everything she should be saying but isn’t. However, if she said thank you in front of everyone, she would have been in trouble because EVERYONE would know, and it’d be hard for her to be quiet again because no one would take her pact seriously. So if she said thank you, it should have been in private when Josh was walking away after telling her not to expect anymore hero moments. Besides, she won’t even talk to her aunt, let alone some hot guy she just met and stalked for five days, right?

    -Emma πŸ™‚
    PS, Your commentary is awesome πŸ™‚


  2. Thanks Emma and I totally agree with your want to know more! All these why questions in my head, I just want to know at the moment why she moved, her problems with her mom, and about her silence pact.

    ~Alex πŸ™‚


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