Ch. 1-9 Passage #1

Josh: “I watch people a lot. Normally it’s not an issue because no one really looks at me, and if they do, I’m pretty adept at looking away fast. Very fast. But damn if that girl wasn’t faster. I know she’s new here. If not, she’s made some drastic, unfortunate transformation over the summer, because I’m more than aware of most people on this campus, and even if I wasn’t, I’d remember the girl who comes to school looking like an undead whore” (23).

We know his first impression of Nastya, and later, what she thought of him, but he still spends time thinking about her. Given this quote, do you think he knew from the beginning how weird she was, and how much he’d like it? Have you ever people watched and seen someone dressed up in a not-dress-up-appropriate place? Was it Walmart?

-Emma H.


2 thoughts on “Ch. 1-9 Passage #1

  1. Okay first- I loved this quote!
    I think Josh was probably aware something was off about her based on her wardrobe- considering he called her an undead whore. I don’t personally believe he thought so much in depth as in to begin to think about, hey maybe she has some serious family problems and she dresses this way to stand out. I think his thought process stopped at undead whore.
    I have seen people dressed up in low class places. I’ve also been in the situation of being under dressed in higher class places. Neither are fun! I’d rather be over dressed though than under dressed.

    Good quote Emma!


  2. I’ve dressed up in a suit for pretty unnecessary things. I like to dress nice and I wish suits were still common place. I also agree with Alex, It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. Unless you don’t like any attention, in which case… are you human?


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