Ch. 1-9 Connector

On page 14, the character Nastya is talking about why she dresses “like an undead whore” (23).

“I don’t dress this way because I like it so much or because I want people to stare at me in general. But people are going to stare at me for the wrong reasons anyway, and if they are going to stare at me for the wrong reasons, then at least I should get to pick them . . . If I’m going to get unwanted attention, better it be for my ass than for my psychosis and my effed-up hand” (14).

This reminded me of two things:

1) When I started public high school coming from homeschooling, I felt like everyone was staring at me. It was like they could smell the out-of-placeness. So I figured, if people are going to stare at me anyway, why not give them something to stare at? That’s when I got my red wig. Much like Nastya walking through the courtyard, I had the Quad’s undivided attention. I strut across that pavement with my red covered head held high, aware of every eye on me.

2) I read this study about how girls get rid of unwanted attention. The study was about female fish befriending more attractive fish so they wouldn’t get harassed. I didn’t know fish had friends! This event in the story reminded me of the study because when most females want to be left alone, they reduce attention, not attract it. The way Nastya repeatedly says she wants everyone to go away contradicts with the way she purposely dresses for attention. The heels in particular; they hurt and annoy her but she wants to wear them so they’ll deter people (which doesn’t 100% work because Sarah says “I think those are made for street corners, not school” (38).)

Fish study:

-Emma H.


One thought on “Ch. 1-9 Connector

  1. I like your connections. I had no clue fish made friends either! I think maybe she dressed so out of place, was purely so people would avoid her. I don’t think the staring bothers her, but I believe she wants people to kind of be disturbed, scared of her even so no one approaches her. The drama she came across with Sarah was purely mean girls being, well, mean girls. Even the quietest girl in school sometimes gets noticed and picked on.

    Good connections!


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